what if

Currently facebook is down. Funny since Mr Zuckerberg just eclipsed Steve Jobs in terms of wealth. While it is gone I find the following thought amusing: What if this is it. They just close it, turn it off,
erase the hard drives and be done. That would be a pretty awesome exercise. The users certainly could not do anything about it. I don’t think they would have any rights on ‘their content or contacts’.

And imagine how quickly the economy would recover if more people would stark working again while being at work.

Facebook came eventually back. Facebook engineering posted what had happened. Reading the comments on that entry is quiet depressing. 99.9% have no clue what it takes to run a system that can deal with 80Gb/s of their ramblings. That seemingly does not stop hundreds of them them to still come up with comments on how to ‘improve’ things.

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