5 Beekman

November 21st, 2010

Looking at the picture of 5 Beekman Street I am wondering why there are no equally stunning buildings going up right now. In theory there should be multitudes of money, technology and ideas around compared to the 1880s. Yet, all we seem to be able to accomplish is to find a gem like this and restore it.

lots of HD TVs - very few showing HD

November 8th, 2010

Nielsen numbers suggest that about one third of HD TV sets actually display HD. I wonder how many sets are still set to the store default mode: It is set as bright and vibrant as possible to make the units “look good”. But it kills the picture.

It is a tragedy: Back in the day of analog TVs it was allot of work and engineering needed to get that electron beam create a pretty and truthful picture. Today it would be easy. The whole pipeline is digital. A majority of households could enjoy unprecedented image quality. LCD and Plasma panels are impressively stable and predictable. But -no surprise there- people don’t care enough. Neither do the makers of the sets.

In a better world the sets could inform viewers about the input resolution. They could ship with a little set up tutorial (all acted out, and understandable) playing from a couple MB of memory somewhere in the set. The store mode would mention that it is active during power up. Remote controls would make sense. A Bluray player would come with a demo / promo / set up Disc that shows how wonderful the format can be. What you can do with it, and why Samsung,Sony,LG,insert-maker-name-here is awesome.

google, bing, maps, military.

November 5th, 2010

People trust those pixels a bit to much: Nicaragua / Costa Rica Border