thinking vs remembering soundbytes

November 19th, 2011

It is very telling to watch the first 2 minutes of this video

Libya is a country that had significant changes in 2011. Nato flew countless missions. It is shocking to see somebody who aspires to become president
respond to a question about this in this manner: This is a person trying to recall phrases he has memorized.

It would be so much fun to swap one of the cards that the candidates learn from. Have them utter total rubbish for a minute.
But one never knows if that would not get them elected …

loving a suitcase?

November 18th, 2011

Last century we bought 3 full size Samsonite Oyster suitcases. Back then you had to put some stickers on them to distinguish them from all the others that people had.
That changed. Now there are all those black soft textile bags on the belt. I never understood why.

Those suitcases are simply amazing. They have traveled ridiculous miles by now. Life is tough if you are luggage. I can not imagine what kind of treatment they have gone through. They always worked.

I was very saddened when he lock broke on one of them. I don’t think I want any other suitcase. Rimowa seems to be en vogue. But I feel that they would not work better and probably look pretty beat up within a couple of months. I also don’t like if my luggage tells the world “Hey - check this out - I have money - stealing here is worth the risk”.

But as it turns out Samsonite did not only make awesome products, their service rocks as well:

I emailed them, asking if I could order a spare lock. They asked for my address and will send me a replacement lock for free.

I love it if things work right. I think this kind of service is truly inspiring.

Me loves my Samsonites!


November 10th, 2011

At7T now


Nextel 5 years ago

confusion as a political tool

November 8th, 2011

For some people is bendable. Sadly they will pay the price for their ignorance.

Seeding confusion is one tool deliberately being used to keep peoples away from certain facts.

Another one is ‘astroturf trolling’ - as in the comments for this article.

For me the forces and practices of Fox News & Co are just 1 level up from spammers & scammers.

So far society and people just endure those issues. Hope that changes.

It changed for other ailments like slavery or witch hunts before.

No More Credit Card offers!!

November 8th, 2011

Yeah for OptOutPrescreen. Takes less than a minute to have five years of no credit card offers in your mail box.
Unless they are not who they say they are and half of Ukraine is gonna have a big party now with my social and other info. Well - luckily https is still pretty safe,
and so is google showing the site as the first hit, as long one is careful.

I was expecting the Opt Out process to be tedius. Turns out it wasn’t at all. Nice. Now let’s see when the letters top coming in …

Walter Murch in Boston

November 3rd, 2011

Walter Murch is easily my second most favorite editor.

I really like how his talks focus on new aspects, and yet they are coherent. Since he is a coherent. It is always nice to listen to somebody who thinks for himself.
Not just repeats what others might have said. Even when he talks about ‘The Tell Tale Brain” - a book that I read and loved myself - he is able to give it an interesting
new perspective for me.

I sometimes wonder what the ratio of people that think as astute and independent as he does would need to be so that it would change the world.
My guess is that it actually very small. My fear is that the ratio in reality is even smaller than that.