centos source install wget 1.13 and GNUTLS

installing wget 1.13 from source on Centos 5.7 the configure command was not happy:

checking for main in -lgnutls... no
configure: error: --with-ssl was given, but GNUTLS is not available.

It turns out the solution is simple:

./configure --with-ssl=openssl

did the trick.

At first I thought that a “yum install gnutls-devel” might help. The ./configure part indeed finished after the install of the developer package, but the actual make still failed:

gnutls.o: In function `ssl_connect_wget':
gnutls.c:(.text+0x3f1): undefined reference to `gnutls_priority_set_direct'
gnutls.c:(.text+0x481): undefined reference to `gnutls_priority_set_direct'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Configuring with the openssl option made everything work very smoothly …

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