carbon footprint already a criteria for the afterlife? Hope not

I am not quiet current on what qualifies these days to obtain eternal life after death.

If you carbon footprint is part of the equation then my outlooks are pretty grim as I am about to schlep 14,44 KG of books half around the globe. A ridiculous ratio of them makes the trip not for the first time. The future self always has so much time. So much more than the version that actual lands with the plane and suitcases (full of books).

eBooks do not work. Hard to annotate. And -final reason- you can not read them like Napoleon:

He read books while ridding in front of his troops. When he was done with a page he ripped it out and handed it down to the next officer following him. Who then handed the page down to the next one when he was done reading it.

I have no idea where I picked this image up. The Internet and its search engines felt they should not help me with finding a source.

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