infinite sar display - neat option

wanting watch sar run in a terminal in linux indefinitely one can start it with

sar 1 0

The first number indicates the sampling time in seconds. The second number is usually the number of samples you like ot see.

If this number is 0 then sar will not stop. And as another bonus will look at how large the terminal is and will display a new header

Command line can be user friendly. I really like those little gems that show up in all software: People spending their time to make something better. It is like a little gift to the world. With software the value of even a little detail can potentially be significant. Which is an awesome thing.

For all we know it might very well be that the feature described here will please people in a hundred years from now.

I don’t think that mankind will manage to drop unix at this point. Neither can it give up on the use of steel. Yes there might be new systems, much like there have been new materials.

The new gets all the attention. But in many cases the new will not replace the old entirely. Only journalists tend to think that way. In reality the findings of Mr Newton help Boeing and Airbus today to build tubes with wings that shuttle people around the globe close to the sound of speed.

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  1. Roger Says:


    Thanks for your article.
    I tried to track performance on different redhat servers. Most of servers didn’t like the “0″ parameter for count, I had to drop the count parameter.
    But certain servers did the track just one time without count parameter. There I had to add the “0″ value.
    To summarize:
    Most Servers:
    LC_ALL=C sar -r -u -b 1

    Certain Servers:
    LC_ALL=C sar -r -u -b 1 0

    But both commands don’t deliver the correct result when I tried to execute it on the each other server.

    Is this the result of a release difference?
    To add this routine to my Script, I need to know on what it depends.
    can you help me?

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