the paradox of choice

of course I had to watch another TED video while I was at Google Video. Since it’s such a long way there.

Barry Schwartz talks about choice

I agree with him that the choice is by no means linear to happyness. But I dissagree on his remedy. It’s not a decrease of choice that would be the ideal solution. It’s the management of it. People are not in a situation to make decent and educated descissions. Like mine how to spell certain words for instance. But when people are looking into the options and only choose what makes sense, then all the rubbish will disappear. If you buy crap, or equally worse, let your friends buy crap then you inititate the production of more of it. If you only choose things that are good, then you will steer things in the right direction. The choices will follow.

There are so many junk things around us, since people can survive their wrong choices. So they keep making bad ones.

And finally:
Dan Gilbert about happiness and choice

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