into the face with the interface

“The interface of a cheeseburger” is one of these Blog entries that validate those 30 Million other blogs with random noise in one simple swoop. If you ever contemplated to create anything that get’s used by a human, be it nuclear power plant, condom or breakfirst table for your dearest one, you could find some great insight in this text from Oliver Reichenstein. At least I think it’s by him. While content and form of the text are pretty nice it seems almost a relief that ‘Information Architects Japan’ messed up the branding for themselves. Sticking Lego’s on business cards won’t help either. Die Kinder des Schuhmachers tragen immer kaputte Schuhe.

2 Responses to “into the face with the interface”

  1. Oliver Reichenstein Says:

    Hey, how did we mess up our branding?

  2. Andreas Says:

    I just had troubles to find out who actually was the author of this great text. Not the brand, and most certainly not the excellent web design.

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