The New and the Old

Recently I noticed two interactions I had with products / companies / services.

They are un related. I remember them both since they were better / worse than what I had expected.

The bad one

Being bored in a Hotel room I switch on the TV. Since I never watched I was shocked again how bad it was. That was NOT unexpected. I just keep forgetting that. I stumbled upon “Blue Valentine”. I liked it a lot. And interesting movie to watch from the middle. I liked it quiet a bit and wanted to watch it completely. I ordered the BluRay Version.

I liked the entire movie as well. Nice to see that this kind of project gets made.

What really bothered me was the previews and trailers that want to play every time I insert the disc. I can fwd skip through things. But it is annoying. Very.

People do no longer buy media on discs anymore. As a reaction it seems that people try to sell things even harder. An junk-loop-spiral towards doom. Much like the Hotel phone prices jumping up when cell phones took away the call volume. A failed attempt to keep revenues steady in a shrinking market.

The good one

I wondered if it is possible to get a report from Amazon on past purchases. Sure enough it is. It works well. And it is so helpful. I never choose Amazon because of this. I had no idea I existed. I would use them if they had no reports.

Both - the disc makers and Amazon - deliver the core product that they offer.

The difference is in what they do extra: Amazon tries to think about what could be helpful for me. The disc makers try to think what is helpful for them.

How funny that they think that that will work.

One Response to “The New and the Old”

  1. Peet Says:

    I would think that extreme, forced advertisng would hurt a products image. But to my disbelief, some of this has been shown to work. I’m sure it depends on the product, the audience, their expectations and IQ. As such, I also see a dumbing down factor in this whole junk-loop-spiral.

    I find most advertising annoying, or at least a waste of my time. Yet many people I talk to don’t share my feelings and even say they like or ‘don’t mind’ advertising.

    As for Amazon and the disc makers, I don’t know what they are thinking. I assume they often hype such ideas internally with little consideration to what works. Often is the case with group-think marketing strategies and the like.

    If I need something from Amazon and the like, I have a friend buy it for me and he is happy to collect the points. Although I am tech savvy, I prefer to avoid such things.

    Soon enough, I expect movie disk rentals to be offered for free, packed with advertising. D0min0’s Pizza may be the first to do that I think.

    I will check out Blue Valentine, I have not seen that yet, it looks good.

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