fun to work with great companies

Moving is not fun. I used Bevery Hills Transfer and Storage before and things worked really well.

When I recently had to plan a move I was delighted that they still around. And everything was as perfect as it can be.

It makes such a difference if one knows that there are actual people who care about the job. I think that this kind of attitude can be found if the size of the company matches the task: If they are too small then stretched resources might make things inflexible. If a company gets too large people often stop caring. Since they do the big company starts to treat their people and customers like cattle. Prodding them into the flow via a byzantine set of rules and call centers.

Luckily Bevery Hills Transfer and Storage is the right size, and the people do care. That makes moving almost fun.

There are probably other companies out there that do a good job as well. Those I just don’t know. These people I have a great experience with. So they are the ones that I will call for my next move. And I am happy that I found them back in the day.

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