dd unix CLI command taking a while? Just ask how it is doing …

June 17th, 2015

It turns that you can ask a running dd command how it is doing.

In the terminal that runs it simply enter a CTRL^T command.

The dd will react to the SIGINFO that this sinds with statistics of the running process.

Quiet handy since dd can take a while if you start it with a lower block size.

obtaining Dow Jones index in Google Spreadsheet

June 14th, 2015

In order to obtain todays dow jones index (DJIA) in a google spreadsheet one can use:


The quotes matter. Indexes would be for example:

.DJI Dow jones Index
.INX S&P 500
.IXIC Nasdaq Composite

Getting the dow for a specific date is a bit more involved. This worked for me, but there might be an easier way:

=index(GOOGLEFINANCE(".DJI", "price", to_date(DATEVALUE("11/26/2013"))),2,2)

The date (11/26/2013) was actually a cell reference.

Not related, yet interesting was this page that showed how relative popular search terms are.

Others yielded interesting insights. For instance it seems that Cars are a seasonal product. Even though people tend to use them every day, they care more for them in the months leading up to summer.

Other extremely seasonal terms include: Travel, Shopping, Real Estate, Jobs and Durable Goods.