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Since its inception in 1977 awk enjoyed a user base of thousands of people.

Since LLMs can tell us how to use it now, it suddenly became millions.

getting shells in the same path

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Often I work with a couple of shells simultaneously in the same directory. One may be the editor with a program in it, and the other one running it.
When I add the following lines to .bashrc

alias sd='pwd > /tmp/ddd'
alias d='cd `cat /tmp/ddd`; pwd'

I just need to type ‘sd’ (for Set Directory) in a shell that is already in the right directory. When I then log in with the other shell a simple ‘d’ gets me where the other shell already is. Extra benefit: When I want to continue where I was last I just type ‘d’ again. Just a little thing. But the world is made out of little things. Lots and lots of them.