Power Shower

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Orwellian, isn’t that what you call it?

What happened? Some bean counters at Best Western figured out how much money gets spent on heating water for the guest showers. Probably a fair bit, since BW Hotels operates 320,000 rooms globally.

So let’s put in those water-saving devices.

Yes, actually taking a shower is pretty much impossible now. Your body still gets wet. Somewhat, in some places. But forget about mundane actions like washing the soap away from the skin. That measly drip coming out of the device will not do that. Water is an essential feature of taking a shower.

BW Hotels think that this is not a given.

The amazing thing is, that somebody thought to put up a sign reading:

Dear Guest,
Please be
advised that
this shower is
with a gentle,
style head.
It is not a
“Power” shower

Now we know. It is not a bug, it is a feature. Bugs are unintentional. This one very much is intentional. And it sucks. Really badly.

So, if I have the choice to stay in a Best Western or in any other establishment I know what to do.

Trying to reframe what is normal into something special, that got replaced by something special, is evil. Intentional, and I will not support it.

The TV in the room was from 2011. A lot has happened in TV tech since then.